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Use Ezy-Speech in Your Clinic - A personal note from Dr Lisa Hudson

"Since 1987, I have relied on two key strategies when implementing therapy programs for adolescents and adults who stutter:
  • my own in-clinic demonstrations of speech techniques to teach clients and then
  • the client's success in accurately replicating those techniques during home practice.
I am excited to have added Ezy-Speech to my fluency programs. It can significantly enhance the way that your clients learn, reinforce, maintain and generalise good speech techniques. speech therapy Ezy-Speech can be used as a significant part of an in-clinic therapy program to support your intervention for clients who stutter:
  • Animations of breathing and articulation techniques clearly show clients how to smoothly produce both individual speech sounds and continuous speech. For example, communicating the correct articulation of /g/ is simple when you can play the Ezy-Speech DVD to show a cut-away animation of the tongue and soft palate.
  • During practice sessions, rate control is facilitated by clients watching a light that pulses at the required speed. Clients report that this visual cue gives them a feeling of control that they don't experience when they are 'guessing' at the target rate and then waiting for the result when they have finished talking. The light pulse also provides a 'visual memory' of the various rates which can be called upon when they need to use a particular speaking rate away from the clinic. If clients have access to the Ezy-Speech DVD at home, they can be confident that their home practice is accurately targeting the required syllables per minute.
  • The Ezy-Speech DVD provides a structured, graduated program that allows both the clinician and client to easily and clearly track progress. This is particularly useful if you do not regularly conduct Smooth Speech programs in your clinic.
  • The Ezy-Speech therapy exercises are demonstrated by people who are actually completing the program - not by therapists or actors. This provides clients with confidence that they too can achieve stutter-free speech.
  • Should your clients elect to join the Ezy-Speech Network, they will be able to use the internet to practise their new-found skills with others who are on the path to fluency. A support network is one of the very best ways to stay on track and prevent any relapses.
  • As members of the Ezy-Speech Network, your clients will also have access to a highly experienced Psychologist (who also happens to have a Degree in Speech Pathology) to address any issues that arise. I have always been a strong advocate of multi-disciplinary teams in order to effect the best outcomes and, for stuttering, the input of a Psychologist can be invaluable.
Finally, while Ezy-Speech provides clients with the flexibility of completing the program at home with 'face-to-face' sessions provided over the Internet, we strongly encourage members to access local, 'in-person' support as they require it. Purchasing the Professional Pack (which includes two copies of the DVD set) for your clinic gives you the option to be listed in the Ezy-Speech directory so that our members can find you if they wish to participate in an in-clinic therapy program.

I am confident that you and your clients will enjoy using the Ezy-Speech DVD in your clinic and that you will have a useful resource for structuring and implementing your fluency interventions for adolescents and adults."

For a limited time Ezy-Speech is providing a Special Offer to Speech Pathologists: Two DVD programs for the one low price of:
$495.00 plus p&h
Also, any clients being treated by you between the ages of 8 and 18 can purchase a copy of the Ezy-Speech Maintenance and Booster Pack for:
$95.00 plus p&h
We feel that full home access of the DVD will help in their long-term maintenance. This offer is only for clients within this age range and being treated by a Speech Pathologist who has purchased a Professional Pack.