The Ezy-Speech Program

Details about the Ezy-Speech Coursestuttering therapy
You will take part in an actual Ezy-Speech intensive course recorded in USB / DVD format. The course is twofold. It is designed to treat the stutter and to assist the person, from a psychological perspective, to make the transition to fluency. The single USB / double DVD set (lasting approximately 2 hours 45 minutes) will cover all topics necessary for you to achieve and maintain fluency. Here is an outline of the program and support network. (The Ezy-Speech Packs each contain the same program.)

Speech pathologist and course co-ordinator, Dr Lisa Hudson, provides the introduction to the Ezy-Speech stuttering therapy program.

Breathing and Relaxation
The Ezy-Speech program takes you through a professional relaxation session designed and presented by professional YOGA expert, Elain Croft. Elain has been teaching yoga in Australia for more than 35 years. She describes how to use specific breathing and relaxation techniques that are critical to the success of the program.

Speech Formation
After an explanation of human speech and how it is formed, Dr Hudson explains the physical reasons for stuttering. An animation of the human body is used to explain and highlight the importance of airflow in relation to muscle movement and sound formation.

Ezy-Speech Breath Band
The importance and use of the new Ezy-Speech Breath Band (included in the course), in relation to diaphragmatic breathing, is explained by Lisa and demonstrated by David, a recovering stutterer with 22 years' experience with the Australian Speak Easy Association.

Ezy-Speech Technique
Dr Lisa Hudson expertly and gently guides you through the Ezy-Speech technique. You will be introduced to Stuart and Ashleigh, two young people newly introduced to Ezy-Speech. You will work with Stuart and Ashleigh to complete all segments of the program and to become an expert in your own Ezy-Speech technique. To improve learnability of the technique, we have provided auditory, visual and kinesthetic teaching methods.

Emphasis is on repetition during the course and you are encouraged to move to a new segment when, and only when, you are confident with your knowledge and use of your new Ezy-Speech technique. Initially, we recommend daily training / boosting of the technique for a period of three to six weeks followed by ongoing regular maintenance.

Our psychologist, Judy Rafferty, gives you an insight into the importance of you as a person, the importance of your new technique and how to bring them both together to form a more confident version of yourself. You will be given an understanding of how you alone can take full responsibility for your own recovery and fluency. Judy explains neural pathways in the brain and why we are fearful and often negative. She then will help you to understand how new pathways can be developed and how psychological insights can allow you to achieve and sustain fluency. During this segment, the importance of commitment and persistence is highlighted, but equally important is the maintenance of positive thoughts.

The skills of fluency require psychological adaptation. This is a critical aspect of the Ezy-Speech program. There is so much more to stuttering than stuttering itself. It is what you don't see below the surface that will be discussed in this most important and enlightening segment.

Transition to Everyday Speech
This segment is presented by Judy Rafferty (psychologist) and David Edwards, a recovering stutterer with more than 19 years' experience in stuttering treatment. David has been one of the main drivers for the development of the Ezy-Speech program. He became involved with the Australian Speak Easy Association (ASEA) in 1991. This is an association for recovering stutterers. David became a regional leader for the ASEA and involved himself with the running of weekly fluency maintenance meetings. Since 1999 David has also helped in the running of fluency programs for booster workshops and annual ASEA camps. Many of the results of Dave's efforts are presented in this segment in which he provides ideas, concepts and strategies to help you with transition to everyday speech. Fluency is a skill that needs to be practised and put to use

Mini Booster
A mini booster is provided at the end of the course to help you practise and maintain your technique on a daily basis. Daily practice is strongly encouraged to maximize use of your new technique and to continually extend the feeling of new-found fluency. Elements within the mini booster can be taken and used when and wherever you desire. You will be able to boost technique without even speaking. These methods are explained during the course and can be adopted anywhere; when you are driving, on a train, when walking, in fact anywhere you like. No one will even know you are practising!

By USB / DVD delivery, and by one-on-one face-to-face support, we have ensured that the learner is able to move at his or her own pace and can review the technique as often as needed and practise as often and whenever it suits. Initially though, we recommend daily training / boosting of the technique for a period of three to six weeks. Following this, ongoing regular maintenance is necessary. You may choose to practise technique via phone, Skype or even face to face with others who use the Ezy-Speech fluency technique.