About Us

The creators of Ezy-Speech are a wonderful mix of professionals all focused to deliver the world's best, fully supported USB/DVD-based stuttering treatment program.

Dr Lisa Hudson is one of Australia's most respected Speech Pathologists with 35 years' experience. For 12 years she headed up the Queensland Health telehealth service. Judy Rafferty is a psychologist with 36 years' experience and she holds a degree in Speech Pathology and Psychology. Ray and David bring a sense of balance to all that we are offering. As recovering PWS (people who stutter), they add a sense of realism to the whole program, with the knowledge that comes from personal experiences in dealing with stuttering and gaining control over their own fluency.

Dr Lisa Hudson BSpThy (Hons), PhD stuttering therapy
Lisa graduated from the University of Queensland in 1987 with a Bachelor of Speech Therapy, first class honours and a University Medal. Over the next 5 years, Lisa worked in several of the large Brisbane hospitals, tutored and lectured at the University of Queensland, worked as a sole clinician in a large community health centre, and completed a PhD thesis on paediatric neurological communication disorders. A clinical Speech Pathology position in Canada followed. Lisa returned to Australia in 1994 as the Director of Speech Pathology Services, Toowoomba District Health Services. Lisa is currently working in the private sector in Toowoomba as a successful speech pathologist.
Judy Rafferty MA, BSpThy, MAPSstuttering therapy
Judy was awarded an academic scholarship and a degree in Speech Pathology from the University of Queensland. She worked as a speech pathologist in a variety of settings, including private practice. After working with a variety of communication disorders including stuttering , the importance of treating the whole person became apparent to her and she became interested in studying psychology. She obtained a Masters Degree from the University of Sydney and began work as a psychologist writing and running training programs for a large national company. Since then she has worked as a consultant psychologist in schools, hospitals and organizations. Currently she runs a successful private practice in Toowoomba, Queensland. In her practice she works with people of all ages and with a wide variety of issues, including communication disorders. Judy has recently released a Cognitive Program for PWS called The Stammer Stopper.
Mr David Edwards CtAg sc, BHort scstuttering therapy
David graduated with a Bachelor of Horticultural Science in 1980 and worked in agriculture for the next 28 years. He became involved with the Australian Speak Easy Association (ASEA) in 1991. This is an association for recovering stutterers. David became a regional leader for the ASEA and involved himself with the running of weekly fluency maintenance meetings. Since 1999 David has also helped in the running of fluency programs for booster workshops and annual ASEA camps.
Mr Ray Potter
Ray has run his own very successful building business in Victoria and Queensland for many years. He became involved with the Australian Speak Easy Association (ASEA) 45 stuttering therapyyears ago and immediately became a respected leader within this association. Ray has been at the helm of fluency maintenance for the ASEA for over 40 years, and well known for his commitment to helping PWS Australia-wide. He held the position as President of the Queensland Speak Easy Association for 2013. Ray has a keen eye for detail when it comes to fluency and maintenance techniques and has worked incessantly as a regional leader on the Gold Coast in Queensland for the ASEA. Travelling interstate at times to run fluency workshops, Ray has devoted much of his private time to running maintenance nights, boosters and fluency camps over many years. Ray has helped hundreds of people strive for, and maintain, fluency. He has developed many innovative and fresh approaches to dealing with people using Prolonged and Smooth Speech techniques. Many of his ideas involving the transition of technique to the outside world have been adopted and used by, not only recovering stutterers, but therapists as well.