About Ezy-Speech

What We Offer
The Ezy-Speech stuttering / stammering therapy program has solid foundations. It applies evidence-based treatment supported by current learning theory and has the approval of speech pathologists. Our program, including the Ezy-Speech fluency technique, is being offered as DVD packs for people who stutter, people recovering from stuttering, and speech pathologists. Ezy-Speech offers a treatment package and maintenance system. As a participant you will take part in, what we believe to be, the most complete fluency program ever offered over the web. Positive change will only happen after daily training / boosting of the technique for a period of at least three to six weeks followed by regular maintenance. Put in the effort to perfect your technique and consistently use it out in the real world. With persistence and determination, you can be the master of your own recovery.

What is Ezy-Speech?
Ezy-Speech is a state-of-the-art program that is aimed at people who are motivated to overcome their stutter. It is targeted towards the whole person, not just the physical symptoms.

The program has been designed in part by a speech pathologist and a psychologist, but the unique aspect is that it's tailored to stutterers by stutterers. Ezy-Speech has been formed by a Doctor of Speech Pathology, a psychologist and two recovering stutterers with over 40 years' experience in running weekly fluency workshops and booster weekends. We have developed a complete program that is offered to people worldwide. The Ezy-Speech technique is science-based, with its foundations in the original system of 'Prolonged Speech' - speech patterns in which words are "stretched or drawn out". This primary system has been enhanced by placing more emphasis on the breathing method, naturalness of speech and on psychological aspects. In the Ezy-Speech program, the original and successful system of Prolonged Speech - fluency shaping therapy developed by speech pathologists - has now been improved to a large degree by stutterers themselves with the full endorsement of our speech pathologist and psychologist.

What Will You Experience?
People who choose our program will take part in an actual Ezy-Speech intensive course recorded in DVD format. It offers training in the Ezy-Speech fluency technique. The course is being conducted and presented by Dr Lisa Hudson, a Doctor of Speech Pathology (with Honours). You will also share the experience with two others, Stuart and Ashleigh, two young people who have just been introduced to Ezy-Speech.

You are a participant in an advanced course designed to give you the feeling of fluency in a controlled environment as well as with family, friends and in everyday life. You can undertake the course wherever you feel most comfortable. You might like to do it in front of your computer or, like most people, simply relax in front of your television and play the course through your DVD player. The course is yours forever and available whenever you want to brush up on technique and boost your fluency.

There is also an eight-minute mini booster designed to help you maintain technique on a daily basis. This is included on the DVD.

Five 45-minute Skype sessions (1 with our speech pathologist + 4 with a speech coach) are included with the Training & Support Pack. Email your request and Skype details via the Contact Us page.

Those who have purchased a Training & Support Pack are also able to access a free copy of our psychologist's cognitive program called The Stammer Stopper.

With commitment, practice and perseverance, fluency can be maintained, and can be forever life-changing.

Our aim is to provide effective stuttering / stammering therapy which can be carried out in the comfort of your own home.

    Ezy-Speech also offers confidential online therapy sessions with:

  • Our Ezy-Speech speech pathologist - you can book our Doctor of Speech Pathology for therapy sessions to help maintain or advance skills and confidence with your technique.
  • One of our speech coaches - you can book one of our speech coaches for a general chat about Ezy-Speech technique, to practise technique at foundation rates and/or discuss transitional methods.
  • Our psychologist - you can book our psychologist to discuss any cognitive issues that you may have with speech confidence or otherwise.
  • These Skype sessions can be booked on our Ezy-Speech Shop page.