Frequently Asked Questions

1. Am I the sort of person who can succeed with Ezy-Speech?
Does your stutter concern you? If yes, and you are older than 13 years of age and have high levels of motivation to do something about your stutter, then Ezy-Speech is for you.
If you are disillusioned with stuttering treatments - perhaps you had some therapy as a child, maybe you have undertaken an intensive fluency course in the past and the techniques you learnt were not reinforced or supported and eventually slipped away - then the Ezy-Speech Fluency with Support Program can help you. We believe we are offering the most comprehensive form of stuttering treatment available. Ezy-Speech targets the whole person, not just the physical symptoms.

2. What does purchasing the Ezy-Speech course give me?
  • Ezy-Speech course presented on single USB / twin DVDs
  • Ezy-Speech mini booster
  • Ezy-Speech breath band
  • Five 45-minute Skype sessions during / after the completion of the course
  • Secure access to Ezy-Speech speech pathologist via Skype
  • Secure access to Ezy-Speech coaches via Skype
  • Secure access to Ezy-Speech psychologist via Skype

3. What makes Ezy-Speech the best program?
Ezy-Speech offers something unique. We believe that Ezy-Speech offers PWS the most complete course available and the most comprehensive post-course support program.
Ezy-Speech personnel are experts from within their fields. They include a Doctor of Speech Pathology, who has been working within adult dysfluency for 35 years, a Yoga professional with over 45 years' teaching experience, a psychologist, who is also a trained speech pathologist, and two recovering stutterers with over 60 years' total experience in running weekly fluency workshops and booster weekends. We all realised that we could put together something special, something that not only targeted the stutter itself, but more importantly the person within. We know we have something important to share, and we have presented it professionally in USB / DVD form.
We have built the Ezy-Speech course to maximise the benefits to you. Ezy-Speech offers a commonsense structured approach, putting vital emphasis on the emotional as well as the physical aspects of stuttering.
The effect of a lifetime of stuttering can be devastatingly severe on one's self-concept. Self-concept is the foundation of personality, and it reflects how you present yourself to others. For people who stutter, a great deal of emotional baggage is rattling around between our ears, and to a major extent it gets in the way of not only fluent speech, but it also gets in the way of ourselves. It gets in the way of our personality, of establishing relationships, of making our point, but mainly it gets in the way of us experiencing life to the fullest - a right we all deserve. Ezy-Speech is aimed not only at the stutter but the bigger picture. It targets these issues in a way that helps to bring together the physical and emotional aspects of the whole.

4. I am a parent of a stutterer. Will my son/daughter be able to control his/her stutter after doing this course?
It is important to know that there is no cure for stuttering, however stuttering can definitely be controlled.
We generally don't recommend the Ezy-Speech course to any child under the age of 13 years. However, if your child is younger than 13 years old and shows a good level of motivation to complete the Ezy-Speech course then we would encourage it.

Our recommendation is that you give your child the best possible tools and support. This means that when your child is motivated to make a change to fluency, that you provide the program and emphasise the support that you would like to give. Do the program with your child. This will depend on your child's age and attitude. If possible sit down together and be with your child when he or she undertakes the Ezy-Speech course. Ezy-Speech stresses the important roles family and friends can play while the course is being undertaken and also after completion. Within an environment of love, understanding and support, your child's experience with the Ezy-Speech program will be enhanced. The child will gain even more benefit from the program when the parents themselves understand exactly what the child needs to achieve.

The program has been presented in an easily accessible format. It is recommended that initially the course is repeated twice over consecutive days and at least every six months thereafter. However, if at any point in time your child feels that he or she is losing confidence, just sit down, undertake the course and reinforce the confidence. Also, with your supervision, your child can access one-on-one Skype sessions with our speech pathologist / psychologist / speech coaches.

5. Are Ezy-Speech personnel qualified?
The directors of Ezy-Speech are a wonderful mix of professionals all focused to deliver the world's best, fully supported USB/DVD-based stuttering treatment program.
Dr Lisa Hudson is one of Australia's most respected speech pathologists. Judy Rafferty is a psychologist with 36 years' experience and she holds a degree in speech pathology and psychology. Ray and David bring a sense of balance to all that is being offered - as recovering PWS (persons who stutter), they add a sense of a realism to the whole program, with the knowledge that comes from personal experiences in dealing with stuttering and gaining control over their own fluency.

Dr Lisa Hudson BSpThy (Hons), PhD
Lisa graduated from the University of Queensland in 1987 with a Bachelor of Speech Therapy, first class honours and a University Medal. Over the next 5 years, Lisa worked in several of the large Brisbane hospitals, tutored and lectured at the University of Queensland, worked as a sole clinician in a large community health centre, and completed a PhD thesis on paediatric neurological communication disorders. A clinical speech pathology position in Canada followed. Lisa returned to Australia in 1994 as the Director of Speech Pathology Services, Toowoomba District Health Services. Lisa is currently working in the private sector in Toowoomba as a successful speech pathologist.

Judy Rafferty BSpThy MA Maps
Judy was awarded an academic scholarship and a degree in Speech Pathology from the University of Queensland. She worked as a speech pathologist in a variety of settings, including private practice. After working with a variety of communication disorders including stuttering , the importance of treating the whole person became apparent to her and she became interested in studying psychology. She obtained a Masters Degree from the University of Sydney and began work as a psychologist writing and running training programs for a large national company. Since then she has worked as a consultant psychologist in schools, hospitals and organisations. Currently she runs a successful private practice in Toowoomba, Queensland. In her practice she works with people of all ages and with a wide variety of issues, including communication disorders.

Mr David Edwards CtAg sc, BHort sc
David graduated with a Bachelor of Horticultural Science in 1980 and worked in agriculture for the next 28 years. He became involved with the Australian Speak Easy Association (ASEA) in 1991. This is an association for recovering stutterers. David became a regional leader for the ASEA and involved himself with the running of weekly fluency maintenance meetings. Since 1999 David has also helped in the running of fluency programs for booster workshops and annual ASEA camps.

Mr Ray Potter
Ray has run his own very successful building business in Victoria and Queensland for many years. He became involved with the Australian Speak Easy Association (ASEA) 45 years ago and immediately became a respected leader within this association. Ray has been at the helm of fluency maintenance for the ASEA for over 40 years and well known for his commitment to helping stutterers Australia-wide. Ray has a keen eye for detail when it comes to fluency and maintenance techniques and has worked incessantly as a regional leader on the Gold Coast in Queensland for the ASEA. Travelling interstate at times to run fluency workshops, Ray has devoted much of his private time to running maintenance nights, boosters and fluency camps over many years. Ray has helped hundreds of people strive for and maintain fluency. He has developed many innovative and fresh approaches to dealing with people using prolonged and smooth speech techniques. Many of his ideas involving the transition of technique to the outside world have been adopted and used by, not only recovering stutterers, but therapists as well.

6. Does Ezy-Speech have the backing of science? Is it a proven system?
The Ezy-Speech program has solid foundations. It is completely approved by Speech Pathology. Many of you would have heard of the term, 'Prolonged Speech'. This is a term given to a number of similar techniques or speech patterns in which words are "stretched or drawn out". This fluency shaping therapy has been used in intensive group sessions for chronic stuttering over many decades. The original and successful system of Prolonged Speech as developed by speech pathologists has now been enhanced to some degree by stutterers themselves. With full endorsement of our Doctor of Speech Pathology, more emphasis is now being placed on breathing method and pausing, and this coupled with a strong understanding of the psychology and transitional systems, is proving to be a very effective, life-changing technique. This is known as Ezy-Speech.

7. I know someone with a bad stutter. What should I tell them about Ezy-Speech?
Tell them that Ezy-Speech can offer a supportive package that is available when and wherever they need it.
Tell them that the program targets the whole person not just the symptom of stuttering, because your friend knows that the stutter itself is only the noticeable part. It is only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much going on inside a person, and Ezy-Speech recognises this. It is a program that not only gives them an effective fluency technique to rebuild their speech processes, but also the insight to deal with all the negativity that has made a home inside. We will teach them how to approach their new-found fluency, establish positive thought patterns and fresh neural pathways in the brain. We will help guide your friend down a path of confidence and fun that most people who stutter (PWS) have never experienced before. We are excited about the level of help that we can offer PWS. Become excited for your friend; let them know about Ezy-Speech!

Note our web address and urge the person to take control over the rest of his/her life.

8. Can Ezy-Speech cure my stutter?
Stuttering cannot be cured. Stuttering can, however, most certainly be controlled to the point where it is virtually undetectable. A stutter can be symptom free. This can be, and is, life-changing.

9. I am a speech pathologist. What does the purchase of the course provide me?
Speech pathologists can use the Ezy-Speech single USB / double DVD set (x2) as an in-clinic therapy tool to treat people who stutter. It is a complete and comprehensive course on the technique of Ezy-Speech and clear cognitive training showing clients how they can learn to use technique in the outside world.

The Ezy-Speech USB / DVD and its animated sequences can be used as an aid in the explanation and demonstration of how humans produce speech.