Stuttering Treatment - Build a Fluent Speaking Habit

Newsletter 82: December 2016

Stuttering Treatment For Adults

Four essential components are needed to build an effective fluent speaking habit: a reason, a successful technique, daily practice, effective use.

You need to clarify what the payoff is for changing stuttering to fluency. One way of doing this is by visualising your success. But only for short periods. Why? Research shows that if you spend too much time imagining the outcome, you’re less motivated to actually do the work to get there. In his book 'Zen Habits: Mastering the Art of Change', Leo Babauta outlines a helpful way of connecting to the big picture. He talks about making a vow that’s connected to serving others.

Leo gave up smoking as a commitment to his wife and newborn daughter. In regard to stuttering treatment, think less about what your fluent speaking habit can do for you, and more about how it will help a person or people you care about.

One key insight from Charles Duhigg’s book 'The Power of Habit' is this: if you don’t know what triggers the old behaviour, you’ll never change it because you’ll already be doing it before you realise it. The more specific you can be when defining your trigger moments, the more useful it is. A common trigger moment for people who stutter is when answering / speaking on the phone. Pinpointing the trigger/s is an important part of the process for building a strong, new habit.

The Ezy-Speech Program provides an effective fluency technique as well as practise opportunities on the DVD - eg the Daily Booster. Repetition, repetition, repetition at slow to faster speeds ... is the key. Be mindful when using the technique and notice when it goes well. Celebrate success - even with a small fist pump!

In his book 'Making Habits, Breaking Habits', Jeremy Dean helps us face the reality that we may stumble in our quest to build a habit. Because stuttering can't be cured, in the process of managing your fluency you might miss a moment, miss a day. It's important to be resilient when this happens. After a stumble, pick yourself up and recover. Make your fluent speaking habit a resilient system.

Once you have built your new speaking habit formula, put it all together to use in the real world.

stuttering therapy
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stuttering therapy

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