Recover From Stuttering - Stop Procrastinating and Start Managing Your Fluency

Newsletter 77: July 2016

Procrastination: the act of delaying or postponing something

Now that you have been provided with a speech therapy technique that helps manage your fluency, it’s your choice to take it and run with it. Use it with your family and all real-world situations. You know that it works in the clinical / home environment, you have proven that to yourself many times. Your speech pathologist / speech coach has told you that your technique is highly effective, so... just get out there and manage your fluency.

“I struggled with these issues many times in my early thirties and wondered why it just wasn’t happening for me. Feeling frustrated, I just couldn’t understand why I couldn’t seem to transfer the success I was having in the clinic to the outside world. I was able to use my technique with my wife and family, but had real difficulty managing my fluency in my job, especially when I had to interact with clients.

I procrastinated for years. I knew what I had to do but just didn’t follow through with it.

Eventually, and I will never forget this moment, the moment I used perfect technique with a client... This moment changed me forever - how I viewed myself, others and my ongoing fluency management.

The keys to my success with transfer of technique to real-world situations were:

Allowing myself to use technique

Sounds like a simple thing to do, but it’s not easy. A lifelong stutter seems to carry so much negative baggage that loves to pop into your head just before you speak. This needs to be dealt with. Knowing that you are capable of using great technique, and that it gives you a feeling of confidence when speaking, you can use technique anywhere you choose. You are different now with a positive view of fluency management.


Tell people that you are a recovering stutterer. Tell them how important your fluency is to you. Immediately you disclose, you are creating a new support group around you who are pleased to hear of your determination to improve. They now expect you to use your wonderful technique.
These actions need to come from within and the initiation is up to you. The sooner you give up the procrastination and just do it, the sooner you will achieve great fluency management.”
David Edwards

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Ezy-Speech Affirmation of the Month


I allow the full potential of my fluency technique to operate with ease and joy.

The Ezy-Speech Team

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