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Newsletter 74: April 2016

In the last few weeks, Lisa and Dave from the Ezy-Speech team have been involved in filming and recording a series of short YouTube videos about stuttering.

We have decided to undertake this series in a relaxed setting with Lisa and Dave addressing issues that people who stutter (PWS) have to consider before, during and after treatment.

Because the treatment for stuttering targets both the stuttering itself and cognitive issues that affect the stutter and people’s thought patterns, we have kept the information short and to the point. People interested in certain aspects of ‘The Recovery Process’ can select and watch short videos which cover certain points of interest. So far there are eight episodes up and running. There will be weekly uploads until the end of the series.
stuttering therapy
Areas covered across the Ezy-Speech TV series will be:
  • Pre-treatment mindset
  • Selecting a therapy program
  • Breathing
  • Rebuilding speech processes
  • The Ezy-Speech technique
  • Cognitive tips mid-treatment
  • Importance of family and friends
  • Disclosure
  • Post-treatment cognitive tips
  • Maintenance of the feeling
  • Self-acceptance
We feel that PWS will benefit from having easy access to information on stuttering treatment and cognitive issues delivered in a relaxed format by a Doctor of Speech Pathology and a recovering stutterer. Dave speaks with technique using variable speech rates to show other PWS that ‘Hey ... the delivered technique doesn’t sound too bad.'

stuttering therapy Lisa provides valuable information and the latest insights into Speech Pathology and how they relate to stuttering treatment.

Watch Ezy-Speech TV if you want to find out more information on aspects of recovery from stuttering. You will also meet 'Jasper the Fluent Parrot' - so far he hasn't spoken in the videos but he is a natural star!

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