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Newsletter 61: March 2015

Smooth Speech is an adapted system of Prolonged Speech. Many older Australian people who stutter have undertaken Smooth Speech therapy via intensive courses in Sydney or Brisbane. These free fluency-shaping courses for small groups of people entailed one-to-two weeks of intensive therapy designed to rebuild speech technique from the ground up. Success rates immediately following these courses were very high with a number of individuals maintaining high levels of fluency management for months and even years after their courses.

Because support and practice following these programs was so important for ongoing success, the Australian Speak Easy Association (ASEA) was established, with each state setting up its own branch. The Speak Easy Association is still going strong but now lacks the feeder treatment programs that initially established the need for the association. In Australia, free intensive stuttering therapy courses are no longer available. Speech pathologists provide Smooth Speech training, but access is difficult in many regional areas.

Ezy-Speech, an enhanced system of Smooth Speech, was created with a passion to help adolescents and adults who stutter. The program is also a very useful therapy tool for speech pathologists. It provides an effective, easily-accessible, reasonably-priced, stuttering therapy program in DVD format. Skype sessions are also offered for support.

Ray Potter and Dave Edwards, two of the co-creators of Ezy-Speech, are recovering stutterers and have been involved with the Queensland Speak Easy Association (QSEA) for decades. They have been responsible for the coordination of boosters and camps for many years. Since the free intensive therapy courses ended, there has been a marked decrease in the number of people coming through and joining the QSEA. Ezy-Speech clients within Australia are encouraged to join their state’s Speak Easy Association and take full advantage of all the support they have to offer.

Ezy-Speech Affirmation of the Month


My self-trust and confidence is increasing. I express myself with awareness.

The Ezy-Speech Team

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