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Newsletter 60: February 2015

If you are reading this newsletter, you have probably completed some form of therapy to improve your fluency. Like most aspects of our lives, peaks and troughs occur and many things we aim to control are sometimes out of control. If you feel the need to pull back on the reins and take charge, then some form of fluency management would be appropriate. Because verbal communication is such a major part of our lives and influences many aspects of our lives, you can make this intervention a priority.

Ask yourself this question: "Do I accept that the technique of Ezy-Speech or Smooth Speech helps me maintain a higher level of fluency management?"

If your answer is YES, then answer this next question: "Am I willing to put myself out there and use my technique in the real world?"

If your answer is YES to both these questions, then you already know the feeling of being in CONTROL using good technique. People don’t usually stop using technique when they are experiencing success with it - it’s usually simply a matter of forgetting to use it, slipping into the trap of spontaneous speech or not putting in daily practice. These things affect all recovering stutterers to some extent and can lead to relapse of stuttery speech and possible avoidance behaviour. You’ve possibly been there and done that many times before.

Set yourself a minimum of goals to achieve in terms of fluency management:
  • The first words uttered in the morning are with excellent technique.
  • Work on foundation fluency technique every morning for at least 5 minutes.
  • Write down some phrases to use when answering the phone and practise these with perfect technique.
  • Be prepared with technique before you utter a sound, as starting to speak with excellent technique sets up the whole conversation with a confident foundation.

Don’t forget, if you have experienced that wonderful feeling of control, it’s worth putting the effort in to maintain it.

Ezy-Speech Affirmation of the Month


I was born with potential greatness. I understand that it takes courage and commitment to live my dreams. I am willing to go the distance.

The Ezy-Speech Team

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