News Alert For People Who Stutter: Ezy-Speech Winners at Speech Fluency Camp

Newsletter 53: July 2014

Queensland Speak Easy Association Annual Camp

The Queensland Speak Easy Association held its annual camp over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, 6 to 9 June. It was held at the Mt Alford Lodge, Boonah, as it has been for many years. There are no plans to change venues in the future. The lodge provides luxurious amenities as well as conference facilities well suited for holding maintenance sessions, the annual oratory competition and game / social nights.

This year was a little different with small speeches presented in the Boonah Council Park. Situated in the middle of Boonah, the ‘Speak Easy Banner’ was erected and a PA system set up. Everybody had the chance to stand up and deliver a short talk about any topic at all. Some interest was shown by locals both in the park and walking down the street. Everyone’s fluency was excellent and the general consensus was that it was a very successful exercise indeed.

Ezy-Speech co-creators, Ray Potter and David Edwards, came first and third consecutively in the renowned Oratory Competition (judged by two highly esteemed Brisbane speech pathologists - one recently retired). Ray's and Dave's use of Smooth Speech was exemplary.

Also an Ezy-Speech member won the coveted 'Best Fluency at Camp' trophy! stuttering therapyOne of our highly motivated speakers, who learnt his Smooth Speech fluency technique through the Ezy-Speech Program, flew up from Melbourne to attend this QSEA Camp. He won the trophy because of excellent technique used throughout the weekend.

The technique works! Research shows that Prolonged/Smooth Speech really works. Ezy-Speech has enhanced the technique with heavy emphasis on effective breathing and pausing, and access to our psychologist's cognitive program for people who stutter. It is packaged as a DVD Home Study Course with online support.

Anyone who undertakes the Ezy-Speech program is encouraged to join their local Speak Easy Association group. Speak Easy provides recovering stutterers with an opportunity to practise their newly-learnt Prolonged Speech technique face to face with other like-minded individuals.

Something to Ponder...
One of this year's topics for the Camp Oratory Competition was Against Adversity. Consider this inspirational individual:

Nelson Mandela spent 27 years behind bars as a political prisoner.

He became a leader among his fellow inmates, fighting for better treatment, better food and study privileges (he earned his BA via correspondence through the University of London while imprisoned). He also became a symbol of hope and anti-apartheid resistance for his entire country. While behind bars, he continued to build his reputation as a political leader, refusing to compromise his beliefs to gain freedom. And upon his release, he led negotiations that resulted in the democracy he had always fought for. He was elected President of South Africa and received more than 250 awards, including the Nobel Peace Prize. His funeral was a global event.
He could have decided to lie low, to give in, to let those 27 years sap his motivation and his influence. But he didn’t. He persevered and won the hearts of the nation.

Ezy-Speech Affirmation of the Month


When I use my fluency technique, others are inspired by my efforts.

The Ezy-Speech Team

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