Recover From Stuttering - Use Your Imagination

Newsletter 48: February 2014

William James was a philosopher and one of the leading thinkers from a century ago. He acknowledged the power of the mind...“Anything you may hold firmly in your imagination can be yours.” He believed there was tremendous power in our imagination and wrote in length about how humans can bring about significant positive changes in their attitudes and behaviours by first holding a vivid image of their best selves, or the person they want to become, in their imagination.

Neuroscience is just now discovering that there are biological reasons for this phenomenon William James talked about so long ago. But here is the point in regard to stuttering. Do you want to excel at your fluency? Do you want to improve your outlook? Would you like to replace your fear of speaking with more confidence and courage? If so, then mental practice, holding a vivid image of what you want in your mind, is as important as physical fluency practice. The time you spend ‘seeing’ in your mind what you are trying to accomplish actually helps to bring it to pass.

It's as simple as holding a vivid mental picture of what you truly desire and returning to it as often as possible.

Imagine your success. Visualise yourself speaking fluently. Picture it in your mind again and again. What does it look like to be confident? How does it look to be actually managing your fluency while talking on the phone? How does it feel? Can you imagine it in detail? In a short time, you will discover that things really are changing for you.

Just imagine!


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Ezy-Speech Affirmation of the Month


I acknowledge the power of my imagination. I imagine my fluency success again and again.

The Ezy-Speech Team

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