Recover From Stuttering – A Time For Self-Reflection

Newsletter 58: December 2014

It's Christmastime again and a good occasion to reflect on the importance of family, friends and fluency. The Christmas period sees many of us involved in social festivities and gatherings which usually include plenty of opportunities to interact and converse. If, during the year, you have been practising your fluency management technique, along with a strong positive attitude, then you can relax into that feeling of control that all recovering stutterers know.

With the hustle and bustle in the lead up to the holiday period, fluency practice often gets left by the wayside. That’s okay, you’re a recovering stutterer who has worked hard on fluency management and it’s usually a simple thing to allow yourself the time to get back on that fluency horse once again. If fluency is fraying and you’re thinking in a negative way about your speech, and avoidance is again raising its ugly head, then prepare for the festivities ahead by:
  • Sitting down and undertaking the Ezy-Speech DVD, and use it to boost technique and confidence;
  • Contacting another member of Ezy-Speech / Speak Easy Association / Stuttering Group via phone or Skype and do some perfect practice;
  • Undertaking the 8 minute mini-booster on the Ezy-Speech DVD;
  • Setting yourself some simple fluency tasks to do over the phone, e.g. you could speak to some family members and friends over the phone wishing them a Merry Christmas;
  • Thanking your loved ones for the support they have provided you throughout the year.
After you get yourself back on the right track, go out and be involved with Christmas and all the fun this time of year can bring. Don’t forget, good fluency management is up to you. Allow yourself to use your wonderful technique.

Developing a habit of positive self-reflection can improve your speech fluency and supportive actions.

Catch a quiet moment, close your eyes and imagine:
  • This is who I am. (Think of a positive speaking situation in your life and the feelings you had at the time.)
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  • Then think of the task that needs to be done and say, “I can do this.”
  • This is why I can do it. (Think of one quality you have that you will tap.)
  • This is how I will do it. (Think out the sequence.)
Your thinking can maximise your strengths and minimise your weaknesses. Positive reinforcement and visualisation can aid your success.

Ezy-Speech Affirmation of the Month


By expressing myself positively, I rejoice in joy and peace.

The Ezy-Speech Team wishes you and yours a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season.

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