Recover From Stuttering - Stay Motivated With Fluency Management

Newsletter 56: October 2014

We all need reasons to stay motivated to strive for anything in life. There needs to be a positive payoff before effort is put in. It would be great if all the things that we do to maintain fluency were natural and happened without thinking. A knock at the door, the phone rings, someone fires a quick question at you: the reaction is non-spontaneous and based on slow diaphragmatic technique. Perfect, this is what we, as recovering stutterers, strive for and for many this is what actually happens. All the negative thought patterns and old stuttery ways have been pushed out and replaced by fluent technique which comes without thinking.

This is a goal that many are still striving to achieve, some yoyo along with periods of good fluency management followed by patchy, less-controlled periods. Sadly, some fall by the wayside and fail to keep on putting in the work.

As recovering stutterers we need to practise technique daily and set ourselves both short and long-term fluency goals. For people who find the constant practice difficult and anti-motivational, you need to find yourself some good reasons to keep putting the effort in. Look at the times when you have success with fluency management and analyse the positives.
  • Personal Gain
    We are not talking monetary recompense here. More importantly, think of all the positive aspects of being able to conduct a fluent conversation without having all those negative stressful thoughts causing you to avoid the world and personal interaction altogether.
  • Feeling of Accomplishment
    Managing your fluency gives you a building sense of confidence and leads to more and more positive outlooks and outcomes in life.
  • A Step Closer
    Each success and positive outcome with your fluency leads to more and more positivity, confidence and automatic use of technique. Success begets success.
  • Make it Fun
    Test yourself out with your technique when you’re in the real world. Play with aspects of your technique. In reality, people don’t really care how you speak. You have free reign to do as you please, emphasize slow onsets, make the pause more obvious to yourself and feel the control that it gives you.
  • Recognize and Reward
    If you are making positive gains with fluency management, reward yourself. If you falter, don’t be hard on yourself, just get back on the horse.
It’s not difficult to find reasons to stay motivated and keep striving for good fluency management. Just think of how you feel when your fluency is under control.

Ezy-Speech Affirmation of the Month


I allow the full potential of my speech fluency to motivate me to practise technique regularly. I move beyond old limitations and now allow myself to express fluently.

The Ezy-Speech Team

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