Recover From Stuttering - Take the Opportunity to Practise Your Fluency Technique 

Newsletter 37: March 2013

Two of the directors of Ezy-Speech are running a Queensland Speak Easy Association booster course this weekend for other recovering stutterers. These courses are held over one day lasting for about six hours. The aim of these boosters is to allow fellow recovering stutterers to do some intensive fluency practice with other like-minded people. PWS seem to respond well to face-to-face practice with others, overseen by a coach. We provide the opportunity for members to:
  • Relax and participate in a group session where individuals can surround themselves with great technique.
  • Practise foundation rates.
  • Get up in front of the group and test out their technique.
  • Speak about subjects at preset syllables per minute.
  • Evaluate each other’s technique and offer constructive advice.
  • Use technique continuously throughout the day, including lunch and morning tea.
  • Use technique with members of the public and really test out their fluency management.
  • Discuss individual cognitive issues and ideas regarding transference to the real world.
  • Develop friendships that can lead to phone or Skype speech buddy relationships.

After five or six hours of intensive practice, people generally feel very fluent and in control. As we know, management of fluency following these boosters is up to the individual and their ongoing commitment.

The two Ezy-Speech directors who are running this course (Ray Potter and David Edwards) are also Group Coordinators for the Queensland Speak Easy Association (Ray is also the 2013 President of the QSEA). This State Association is a branch of the National Body - the Australian Speak Easy Association. To those Australians who choose to undertake the Ezy-Speech program, we recommend joining your state Speak Easy Association as it provides additional opportunities to hone your fluency skills with regular face-to-face interaction. The more you can practise your technique with other recovering stutterers and listen to other people’s ideas on transference, the more your own technique will improve.

Ezy-Speech Affirmation of the Month


I never miss an opportunity to practise my technique with others. The more I practise, the better my technique becomes.

The Ezy-Speech Team

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