Recover From Stuttering - Manage Your Thinking

Newsletter 50: April 2014

The single most significant reason that people fail in maintaining their fluency is simply the way they think.

How many times have you decided on a resolution to change yourself or your way of life and head strongly towards that goal? How many times have you had success long term? If you answered, “YES, many times I have had a desire to change something about myself and NO, despite the initial effort, it has rarely lasted long term,” then you join the majority of people. Failing to maintain fluency, using a technique that you know works, is no different.

We need plenty of effort and consistency to establish change!

To change ourselves for the better and achieve success, we need to lay down a new pattern of behaviour. This is something that we alone set in place. How we run our lives is up to us. It means setting in place new personal templates that are both suitable and comfortable to us, and lead to the change that we desire. Whether it’s an issue with physical appearance, the way we act or to improve our fluency...the need to make a change is, at the time, very important to us.

Negative thoughts and thinking about stuttering is one of the main drivers of the stuttering habit. While technique and subsequent fluency is being maintained, many of the effects of negative causal thoughts don’t come into play at all. However, if technique is not maintained and stuttering works its way back into the person’s life, then negative thinking surely returns to again haunt the mind. It is so important to lay down the law between your ears! Believe in your technique and don’t allow any negativity to creep in regarding your technique. Remember, good technique is the key to establishing good fluency management, and for many, good fluency management is the key to happiness.

If controlling your stutter is highly important to you, then set up patterns of behaviour and thought that are achievable and produce results. If you have completed an effective fluency course designed to manage your stutter, such as the Ezy-Speech program, then you understand the patterns you have to set in place in order to achieve fluency. Use your fluency technique whenever you speak. Confidence will spring and grow from your efforts and will most certainly initiate a life change that leads to improving management of your stutter. A life without the tiresome hassle of stuttering is worth striving for. Put in the effort to reap the rewards.

Are you ready to set up your new fluency management goals? With effort and consistency you can successfully establish and maintain fluent behaviour.

Ezy-Speech Affirmation of the Month


I look within to manage my thinking. I feel good about myself.

Happy Easter from the Ezy-Speech Team

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