Recover From Stuttering - Life Is What You Make It...

Newsletter 32: October 2012

Are you actively seeking a more fluent lifestyle? Are you moving forward with the clear intention and focus of managing your fluency?

You may have already begun your new life adventure, building the blocks for fluency success, but discovered later that you built the foundation on eroding soil. It is so much better to begin the journey once you have found your solid ground. It's best to begin with the understanding that we each hold the key to our own happiness. We are the ones calling the shots for our life. If you need to realign your trajectory, and refocus on managing your fluency, then it is important to remember to live with intention rather than just reacting to life.

If you don't know where you are going, you are never going to get there. It's relevant to focus on the experience of what you DO this case, fluency you can make solid choices on how to achieve this. Make the commitment to dedicating the rest of your life to being the best you can be. You can maintain fluency by committing to the process. To shift from the state of being controlled by your stutter to you being in control of a transformational experience. It is a shift from a position of helplessness to a position of strength. To create this positive change, find your solid ground and commit to managing your fluency.

Managing your fluency will not only see a change in the way that you speak, but more importantly, a change within you...
  • Your thinking will change and you will become more positive about things in general.
  • You will feel more confident in yourself and will tend to take on roles in life that are more challenging.
  • The thought of stuttering will take less and less of a controlling factor in your life.
  • Residual negativity within your mind will gradually disappear. Using your fluency technique will allow you to experience life to the fullest.

Ezy-Speech Affirmation of the Month


I focus on what I DO want - to manage my fluency - and make solid choices to achieve this.

The Ezy-Speech Team

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