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Newsletter 40: June 2013

At the moment we are busy preparing for the Queensland Speak Easy Association annual camp. This is a three-day glamping (camping in luxury) experience held at Mt Alford Lodge here in SE Queensland. The three days are jam-packed with plenty of fluency practice, great food, comfort and fellowship.

The Australian Speak Easy Association (ASEA) is for people who have completed a Smooth Speech/Prolonged Speech/Ezy-Speech course. Here you will find plenty of support from other recovering stutterers. This works well, with members of the Association meeting at various locations around Australia for weekly maintenance sessions. The main aim of the Association is to provide an avenue for PWS to meet with other like-minded individuals so that they can practise and hone their fluency skills. Face-to-face associations like the ASEA are very important for people who stutter (PWS) and will always be solid support in recovering stutterers’ lives.

Intensive Prolonged Speech courses provide solid training in the technique. In-home stuttering therapy, such as the Ezy-Speech Program, provides solid training also. The individual stutterer chooses when, where and how often to have treatment. The internal drive, the motivation to persevere, is vital. Ezy-Speech also provides many hours of face-to-face teletherapy sessions via Skype to ensure that the individual is adopting correct technique. Teletherapy certainly does put the control back into people’s hands. It allows people flexibility to slot in practise sessions with like-minded individuals and speech coaches when it suits them. Professional support can also be accessed.

Nowadays time is becoming more limiting for us all. It’s important to find a cost-effective, time-efficient and best-fit maintenance program that suits us. If we can access therapy and support from the comfort of our own home, why not?

Don’t forget, we recommend to anyone having undertaken the Ezy-Speech program or other Smooth Speech intensive program to seriously consider joining your local stuttering association. The support is invaluable. Fluency maintenance doesn’t have to be something that you take on all alone. Manage that stutter and put the control back in your hands.

Ezy-Speech Affirmation of the Month


I no longer avoid and hide away. I put myself out there and use my technique. I allow friends and family to help me progress with my fluency goals.

The Ezy-Speech Team

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