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Newsletter 34: December 2012

Many of you enjoy playing sport and the challenge of improving your performance. Those of you who are serious about your sport know the importance of practice and how continual practice usually makes all the difference to success rates over time. It doesn’t matter whether you are involved in a team sport like cricket or an individual game like golf or tennis. Overall results come from the effort put in by individuals.

Every aspect of succeeding in sport can be compared to success in fluency management and in consistent use of a proven therapy technique.
  • To strike or kick a ball effectively is not automatic. It comes from many hours practising the skills. Each time the player undertakes this action, he or she must activate a series of procedures in the mind before an attempt is made. Let’s call that: ‘addressing the ball’. If the outcome of this procedure is to be successful then the ‘action’ needs to be as close to perfect as it can be. Over time and many practice sessions of addressing the ball, subsequent strikes or kicks usually result in improved effectiveness.

  • Constant practice of fluency technique over a period of time leads to improved fluency management. The process of practising your management technique is similar to practising a sporting skill. In order to manage your fluency, understand your technique and what you have to do in terms of the process. Once you have a handle on the technique, repetitive practice is the key. Practise the technique continually and follow up with ‘action’. The successes you have with your fluency, once you put the process into action, will again feed the process and make it strong. It is a sort of self-generating, self-improving system being fed by commitment and perseverance.

The sporting arena is full of individual competitors each trying to attain a certain level. Champions stand out by converting high-level practice to success on the field, on the court, in the pool, etc. These individuals put many hours of practice into their chosen sport. Even when they reach what we see as the pinnacle of achievement, they still put in the hours of practice to ensure they stay there.

Be a champion of fluency management. Every time you go to speak, address that ball.

Ezy-Speech Affirmation of the Month


Improvement in my fluency management directly relates to the effort I put in to the process.

Merry Christmas from The Ezy-Speech Team

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