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Newsletter 33: November 2012

October 22 was International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD). Recognised every year since 1998, ISAD was created to raise public awareness about stuttering. Around 90 million stutteringpeople worldwide are affected by this speech disorder. In 2009 the sea-green stuttering awareness ribbon first appeared. It symbolises the support and community with people who stutter (PWS).

ISAD incorporates an online conference, targeted at people with an interest in stuttering, including speech pathologists and their clients. The 2012 Online Conference is titled A Voice and Something to Say. There are some very interesting articles to read.

Food For Thought

In terms of fluency management, there are two things that we stress as being important to focus on:

1. Always believe that the high levels of fluency that you are achieving during a clinical session or face-to-face meetings with other PWS can be ongoing through all parts of your life. Believe in the effectiveness of your technique. Don’t be afraid to use technique in real-world situations. Achieving a high fluency rate in real-life situations is, in most cases, not the result of ‘the technique’ alone but the result of an all-encompassing thing called ‘confidence’. You know...the stuff that bounces around between our ears. Self-doubt is responsible for many of us not realising our full potential.

This leads to the next focus point.

2. Probably the main driver of PWS not progressing beyond the clinical and face-to-face practice sessions is simply ‘avoidance’. It’s easy, we have been doing it all our lives. It works fine and allows us to avoid the dreaded ‘stutter’, most times. There comes a stage, however, where avoidance is no longer acceptable...when you have to speak for someone else or job responsibilities demand that you speak. Allowing someone else to speak for you or simply avoiding speaking situations tends to crush you from the inside. The secret to gaining fluency management is to take it step by step. Use technique in the real world as a challenge. Set small fluency goals and gain the confidence that comes from small successes. These small successes lead to the desire to manage your fluency more and more.

Ezy-Speech Affirmation of the Month


I energise my fluency goals by giving them the energy they need. I embrace change.

The Ezy-Speech Team

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