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Newsletter 3: May 2010

By developing a more confident attitude, we can turn around many of the personal negatives that are driven by stuttering. Dealing with a stutter and living with all that goes with it, can be for many, quite self-destructive. Some people who stutter carry on as usual and simply don't let their dysfluency get in the way of their lives. Unfortunately most stutterers / stammerers are not in this category. Most carry with them a psychological constraint at some level. The effect on the individual can be as simple as a mild irritation. Others find that they are constantly thinking in a negative way about themselves, their stutter, and perceptions of how others see them. This way of thinking not only perpetuates the stutter but also eats away at self-esteem, and confidence tends to diminish the longer the negativity continues.

If confidence is fragile, it can be rebuilt. Any structure worth building requires a solid foundation. If the structure (confidence) is weak and unstable, strengthen the foundation. If it's your lack of fluency that has caused shaky confidence, then redeveloping your speech process will empower you.

Undertaking an excellent science-based stuttering / stammering treatment is the first step in rebuilding confidence. It's a commitment that you can only make for yourself. Remember, a good fluency technique is key to your new solid foundation. Following treatment, be prepared for hard work, plenty of practice and a willingness to change as an individual. Change your thinking and rebuild your confidence by:
  • Being proud of yourself for having undertaken a rebuilding process.
  • Being positive about your new wonderful speaking technique, use it proudly.
  • Not avoiding situations, put yourself out there.
  • Not being afraid to disclose, tell people you stutter, look them in the eye and use technique.
  • Practising technique as much as you can, practise with other recovering stutterers over Skype and face-to-face.
  • Enjoying every moment of your life, it's yours for the taking.

In summary, restructure solid foundations of technique upon which you can build strong controlled fluency. You will be proud of yourself for achieving this. Then, as with all important structures, maintenance is the key, then your fluency is yours for life!

Remember, all this has to come from you. Set yourself a goal to improve speech fluency, and persevere. All your hard work will lead to a rebuilding of self-concept, confidence and most importantly, positive thought patterns.

Ezy-Speech Affirmation of the Month


When I am using Ezy-Speech effectively, I appear and sound different to the people who know me. They now see me as a person who has more control over my speech. They now see me with a new state of confidence and acceptance of who I am. They want to be around me because I am a winner aiming to improve myself.

The Ezy-Speech Team

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