Recover From Stuttering - Important Key for Overcoming Stuttering

Newsletter 2: April 2010

For people with rather severe stuttering problems, what do you have to lose? Step into your new technique that helps maintain fluency and stay there! The choice for you is to stay the way you are and continue stuttering severely and putting up with all those negative thoughts that continually drag you down, or... put the effort in and continue to employ the technique that for the first time in your life has given you control over your fluency problem.

You may choose to take the positive track, stay fluent, stay in control, get your point across, have a conversation, look people in the eyes, be yourself, enjoy life and be the boss over your future. Look at all the advantages of choices like these, all these positive scenarios could be part of your future. The only person who can give you all of these outcomes is, hey guess what?...YOU. YOU must allow yourself to change! Only YOU can do it, no one else can or will do it for you! You may say to yourself, or your mind might tell you, "No no, I can't do this, it's too hard, people will think I'm odd and wonder why I'm speaking like this. I can't speak in such a different way to people who know me, they will think I'm too different." Maybe you'd rather just put up with the stuttering!

Take a reality check, look at your mind from the outside! Realise that your mind is just trying to protect you from your perceptions of reality. What is reality? Step back and take control of your thoughts. Do you really believe your friends will think you're strange if you talk a little differently? Do you think your friends will judge you in a negative way if you use a technique that helps you with your stuttering? Do you really believe that these negative perceptions of 'what you think will happen' are actually true? Maybe your mind needs to be told to butt out! Running away from situations that don't threaten your health are just cop-outs that lead to more psychological stress in the long term. Get your mind to leave you alone, you be the boss over your thoughts / your stutter. Maybe you can change your perceptions by just doing what you have to do to improve your fluency and control the stuttering. Test the reactions to see if what you thought about others is true!

Your friends and family will be so proud of you, stepping up and confronting the stuttering problem that they know you have struggled with all your life. So what if you speak a little differently, a little slower at first with technique. "Wow, what a change," they'll think, "he's speaking fluently, we've never heard him speak that well before. We hardly hear him stuttering these days! We are so proud of what he has achieved with his speech. He did have a stutter, but hey, he is using this wonderful technique now, it seems to be giving him such confidence." If you slip up occasionally, and hey, we all do! your friends and family may remind you to use technique and get back up on that horse. It's up to you to take control, stay positive and YOU be the boss of your mind! Let's take responsibility for our own recovery.

Ezy-Speech Affirmation of the Month


I look at the adoption of the Ezy-Speech technique as not only a change in the way that I speak, but more importantly the change in myself. I feel more confident in myself and take on roles in life that are more challenging. The thought of stuttering takes less and less of a controlling factor in my life. Life is a gift to us all and should be experienced to its fullest extent. Allowing residual negativity to thrive in my mind hinders the adoption of my Ezy-Speech technique, and also restricts me experiencing life to the fullest. I alone take personal responsibility for my recovery.

The Ezy-Speech Team

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