Ezy-Speech Launch at 2010 ASEA Convention

Newsletter 1: February/March 2010

We are very, very happy to announce that the launch of Ezy-Speech at the 2010 Australian Speak Easy Association Convention was extremely successful, with so many people giving us very positive feedback following our presentation. Our speech pathologist, Dr Lisa Hudson, and one of our speech coaches, David Edwards, presented the launch on the second day of the conference which was held in Sydney over 4 days from the 18th to the 21st of February 2010.

It was obvious from listening to many of the presenters that there is indeed a large shortfall in affordable but effective therapy and support programs around the world.

One of the most exciting things for the Ezy-Speech Team was that much of the current research being conducted in Australia is being directed at the psychological issues that affect PWS. The cognitive issues and problems involving our anxious minds have attracted the attention of Australian Researchers. Most PWS have known full well about these issues for a long time, and thankfully plenty of focus is now being placed on these important aspects.

There is also a large research effort being placed on the Internet / Telehealth and delivering therapy online. Areas being studied include: delivering speech therapy, and also psychological / cognitive treatment, over the web. This research is only in its early days but so far encouraging results have been seen in a number of key programs.

Initial results in the web delivery of the very successful Lidcombe Program (for young children who stutter) have also shown to be very promising. With a massive shortfall in the clinician/client ratio, success with the internet delivery of this program will only help children get the best possible treatment when they need it. With a short window of opportunity, success with the Lidcombe Program will only be achieved if it is delivered as soon as possible after diagnosis. As long as positive research results continue to follow, the internet will prove to be a very effective method to deliver treatment.

Indications are that internet delivery of therapy programs for adults has also shown promising results to date. In fact, individuals involved in the early evaluation trials have shown what has turned out to be a preference for this method of delivery over more conventional clinic-based face-to-face systems of therapy. Not only is therapy faster when the PWS is in their own home learning a speech technique, it may actually be a more effective way to achieve fluency.

These results go hand in hand with what Ezy-Speech offers. Many comments we received at the conference confirmed what we already believe. Ezy-Speech provides a complete program via DVD medium and online support.

The Ezy-Speech Team

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