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Newsletter 5: July 2010

No matter what you might happen to read on the web or what some other fly-by-nighter might tell you for the sake of a quick buck - there is no cure for stuttering!

Now, I am a recovering stutterer, an older one, and I understand the frustration and suffering that PWS go through. It depends on the individual, but the frustration over lack of fluency never seems to diminish. Maybe your stress levels subside a bit when you're relaxing in a comfy chair watching telly. However, a lot of the time we have to engage in conversation, and speech for a person who stutters can be a real drag.

Many of you would have heard of groups like ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ and ‘Gamblers Anonymous’, wonderful associations for people suffering from these two debilitating addictions. Many who suffer from alcoholism, gambling addiction, or many other ‘isms’ or addictions for that matter, see their memberships to these associations as a means to an end. What I mean is, many people associated with these groups use the techniques they learn, and gain support from other like-minded individuals to help manage their problem.

Many many people around the world are managing health issues. The struggle we have with our stuttering can be embarrassing and very visible to others, but the real challenge for us is to modify the negative thinking aspects that go along with the visible symptoms. As with people who struggle with drinking and gambling, it's not the stutter itself, but the root cause that has to be addressed. Drinkers and gamblers know they will never be cured, and the struggle they have within their minds is worth every ounce of effort, when they can say to themselves, “I will always be an alcoholic, but I haven't had a drink for two years.”

Managing and coping with a stutter is a little like this. Once you have adopted a wonderful stuttering therapy technique like Prolonged, Smooth Speech or Ezy-Speech, then you are on your way. With an understanding of the importance of positive thinking and the effect of negative causal thoughts that exist in many stutterers' minds, then this becomes your management foundation. Coupled with strong support from other like-minded individuals, management of your stuttering is possible. Thousands of people are out there right now, out there in the real world dealing with their speech dysfluencies. Many people who stutter are managing their fluency very well. You would not even know they had a stammering problem. How proud are they? - they haven't cured their stuttering, but have risen above it to the point where they hardly even think about their fluency any more. They just get on with their lives, and do what they have to do to ensure their wonderful technique works.

You too can do it! Choose to use your technique constantly. Be aware of your fears but don't focus on them. Focus on your goals for the future. Move in a positive direction with support from other recovering stutterers. Be proud of yourself and all you can achieve.

Ezy-Speech Affirmation of the Month


I include my family and friends in my maintenance program. I tell them how important they are in me having success with my new technique. My loved ones expect me to use my technique at home. My family and friends remind me when I slip up. When I maintain excellent technique and fluency with my family and friends, then and only then can I be confident and fluent in outside situations.

The Ezy-Speech Team

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