Recover From Stuttering - Maintain that Feeling of Being in Control of Your Fluency

Newsletter 4: June 2010

You are a person with a stutter wanting to find a way to control your fluency. You will need to rebuild your speech from the ground up - to initially slow down the whole process of speech formation and gradually through training and repeated exercises, increase speech rates to more natural speeds.

It is of vital importance to work as hard as you can to master the technique, and indeed understand how you feel at much slower rates of speech. When using the slower foundation rates during training and practice sessions, experience the feeling of being in control of your stutter, your fluency. You need to understand the feeling your body has when you are in control of your speech and compare this to the feeling you have when you are stuttering. People recovering from a stutter call the former the feeling of being in control. You will know what this is when you experience this for the first time. Everything seems to fall into place, your breathing, the rhythmical process of phrase followed by pause followed by phrase followed by pause, and all of this slowed to a point where you do indeed have complete control of your stutter and your fluency outcome. Once you have the feeling of being in control, perhaps for the first time in your life, you will want it to last forever, we all do!

When your technique is working well for you, fluency and speaking seems to be effortless. Just imagine you have completed your Ezy-Speech course and you are sitting there pleased as punch that you understand how your technique works and do indeed have the feeling. Once you have the feeling, you will want it to continue. It is up to you to ensure this feeling of having control over your stutter remains intact!

Ezy-Speech Affirmation of the Month


I take on new and more difficult speaking situations with confidence and practise technique whenever I can. I practise every time I open my mouth and think before I speak. I never speak spontaneously. I am courageous in challenging speaking situations. I do it, and it helps me grow as a person.

The Ezy-Speech Team

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