Recover From Stuttering - An Important Announcement

Newsletter 27: May 2012
stuttering cognitive therapy Judy Rafferty, our Ezy-Speech psychologist, has launched her new Cognitive Program for people who stutter. It is called 'The Stammer Stopper'.

"To treat stuttering effectively, the cognitive components of stuttering must be addressed in concert with speech intervention."
Dr Lisa Hudson BSpThy(Hons), PhD

Research shows that stuttering treatment is more successful when fluency skills are complemented with cognitive therapy. We compare stuttering to an iceberg. Chipping away at the tip of the iceberg without venturing beneath does not address the real fluency disorder that lies much deeper within the individual. Stuttering affects the person as a whole. The cognitive and behavioural issues that go hand in hand with the actual dysfluency need to also be acknowledged and treated.

We highly recommend The Stammer Stopper. It is free to those who have purchased the Training and Support Pack if you wish. For anyone else who would like to obtain a copy, you can arrange a purchase by emailing us. Learn how to change your self-image and how to reduce speech-related anxiety.


"Every worthwhile accomplishment, big or little, has its stages of drudgery and triumph; a beginning, a struggle and a victory." Gandhi

Remember to practise technique on a daily basis. Address your technique every time you speak. Daily discipline is the execution of your strategy. It is disciplining and training yourself to practise technique with the mini booster every day. You carry out a regimen knowing the rewards are great. You strengthen your will to resist impulses that conflict with your best interests. Be the boss over your thoughts. When you fall down get back up, learn from it, and continue. Through daily discipline, your fluency technique will create positive changes.

Ezy-Speech Affirmation of the Month


I acknowledge the power of my thoughts. I choose to create peace in my mind. I know that these changes will lead to a more positive outcome.

The Ezy-Speech Team

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