Recover From Stuttering - Follow Through With Your New Year’s Resolutions

Newsletter 36: February 2013

Two meanings of the word resolution that stand out are:
  • a firm decision to do or not do something
  • a course of action showing firm determination

The beginning of each new year refreshes our sense of hope, of possibility and aspiration for change. Resolutions are normally ideas formed within one’s mind aimed at some sort of improvement to lifestyle or personal issues. These resolutions tend to arise from unhappiness with either one or both of these issues.

Stuttering is a personal issue which causes personal dissatisfaction within some individuals. Many stutterers, at points in their lives, create resolutions to improve their fluency, manage their stutters, or maybe just feel better about themselves when speaking to their friends. Strong resolutions usually arise from strong desires to change and are usually accompanied by a plan that will surely see the desired change occur. Maybe the precursor to the resolution is:
  • a visit to a speech pathologist
  • completing a good fluency program
  • talking about your stuttering problem with friends and loved ones
  • talking to recovering stutterers who have had success with fluency management

Whatever the reason that leads to making your resolution to improve fluency, it is vital that your plan is solid and that you stick to it. As we all know, anything worthwhile in life normally comes with a degree of difficulty, but also has a major payoff. For a person who stutters, working towards fluency management certainly needs commitment, but if you stick with your program, to say it has a major payoff would be an understatement.

In heed of Henry Ford’s great quote, "If you believe you can or believe you can’t, you are right" ... ask yourself if you believe you can achieve fluency. Your belief will strongly affect your success. Believing YES will spark a chain of positive thoughts and actions conspiring for its fulfilment.

Know that it is possible to achieve fluency – with guidance and effort and belief, you can manage your stutter. If you stick to your fluency resolution, you will see positive changes.

Ezy-Speech Affirmation of the Month


I stand firm to my fluency resolution for 2013. I do believe I can achieve a good level of fluency.

The Ezy-Speech Team

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