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Newsletter 30: August 2012

Do you find the days, weeks, years seem to be flitting by faster nowadays? Is it because life is a blur with commitments to education, job, family matters and lifestyle? On top of that, it seems many young people, especially those slotting into the Y and Z Generations, are totally absorbed in technology-based gadgets such as smart TVs, computers, mobiles and tablets with their apps and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.
This avalanche of technology is changing our way of life. Where a face-to-face interaction used to require close physicality, now it can also be achieved remotely via a video link between computers, mobile phones and other gadgets. There are many other uses and beneficial opportunities evolving from new technology that is constantly updating.

In regard to stuttering, the non-verbal forms of modern communication need to be monitored and not used as a cop-out. Because talking on the phone - landline or mobile - is a major stumbling block for many PWS, texting/emailing/posting on social network sites could develop into a modern form of speech avoidance. Verbal communication for a stutterer, either face-to-face or by telephone, can cause varying degrees of stress. In the old days, as frightening and stressful as it was for stutterers, we weren’t able to avoid conversation. Today it’s very easy for everyone to avoid verbal communication. From the perspective of the modern generations, current technology enables them to quickly and easily get their message out instantly without having to say a word. A young stutterer who thrives on avoidance strategies would think this situation is fantastic.

However, knowing the dangers of avoidance for PWS, the simple message is: ‘Wherever possible, speak rather than SMS / email / post on Facebook, Twitter, etc.’ These days anyone who stutters and has had any form of treatment knows about the importance of cognitive issues in regard to controlling negative thinking and minimising avoidance. Make actual phone calls. Instead of texting the friend next door or emailing the guy in the next office, make the effort to practise your fluency technique. Embracing past and present lifestyles - creating a positive, balanced existence – will help people who stutter achieve fluent speech.

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